Saturday, October 15, 2011

Back to Blogging

Wow, I have never gone this long in between blog posts. I have to say I am a little dissapointed with myself. When I go back and read this in the future which I love doing. I'm going to be real bummed that I have nothing for Aug and Sept of 2011. When I see no entries I will be really sad, then I will just remember that "oh yeah" that was when I had company for seven solid weeks. Yes, I did survive with a little help from my friend Xanax. (am I kidding? I will never tell.) But a whole heck of a lot went on in August and September so I want to mention just a few so I have record.

1. We moved Sydnee into her dorm at college. I didn't shed a single tear. I am so proud of her and knew without a doubt that she would be just fine and of course she is.

2. All three of my girls celebrated Birthdays.

3. Natalie started high school and my shy girl is doing just fine. She even followed in her older sister's footsteps and joined the swim team and it has been a really good experience for her.

4. I started two new little one's and they both came to me at about 10 weeks old (they are a week apart) I have a little blue eyed girl and a little brown eyed boy. It's a lot of work right now but I know it is going to be great later because they are going to be best little friends. (when they are not fighting lol)

5. Dave and I celebrated our 20 year anniversary and went on a week cruise to the Carribean, it was wonderful.

6. I am still going to Weight Watchers it has been almost a year now. Unfortunatly, after the seven weeks of company (stress) and a cruise I am only three pounds away from where I started a year ago. So I guess that means I lost three pounds in a year. Ok, that just made me laugh. But I am choosing to look on the bright side which is I weigh less now than I did a year ago (who cares if it is only three pounds less lol) I AM NOT GIVING UP THAT IS WHAT MATTERS!!!

Well, I guess that kind of sums up the last two months....

Stay tuned I promise I am BACK TO BLOGGING.

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