Friday, July 22, 2011

Hey Hon remember that?

So Dave was watching TV the other night and I was on the computer. This is a typical evening for us , one on the couch the other at the computer. A commercial had come on, I'm not sure what they were selling but it was taking place at a youth Soccer game. They were showing the end of the game where the parents come to the center of the field and hold hands and make a tunnel for the kids to run through. The parents cheer and the kids faces light up as they take their turn running through the tunnel. Dave said "Hey Hon remember that?" Of course I did but only in that moment. I had forgotten that this is what we did after every game when Sydnee was little. Because as the kids get older and start playing more competitively the tunnel is forgotten. I kept thinking about that tunnel and how it represented so many things that you forget were such a big part of your life when your kids were small. I know I have touched on this before when I wrote about McKenlee's last year of elementary school.

I guess that's why I write this blog. I am hoping that it helps me remember the little things that I forget about our family. Kind of like when you look back at old pictures from your childhood. Sure it's fun to see how much you have changed but I also love to look at the background of the pictures especially the ones taken in doors. I love to remember how the home we lived in looked. I know you know what I mean: "I remember that picture on the wall" or "I remember that bedding set." Isn't it funny how looking at an old photograph helps you remember the time it was taken in such detail.

That's what I want to remember, all of life's little details...

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