Monday, September 28, 2009

Movies in the Park

Recently in our little town they started this event once a month called "movies in the park" it is sponsored by our local fire department. Basically they set up a giant movie screen in this big grassy area. (there is a stage at the top of the grassy area which then makes the screen elevated) This large grassy area is about 3 acres and it is where they hold a lot of city events. They even built nice restrooms in one corner. (Always a necessity when doing things with ones children) I love going to the city events. We have an annual "Chili Cook off" "Trick or Treating" "Easter egg hunt" "Cancer Society Candlelight walk" "Craft Fair" and my all time favorite "Christmas in the Park" complete with Hayride, hot cocoa and cookies. Without sounding corny (which I probably will) I love these events because they make me feel so small towny. (Is towny a word?) When I go to these events I will ALWAYS run into tons of people I know. I always feel so "Stars Hollow" when I am at one of these events. For those of you who are not Gilmore Girls fans, Stars Hollow is the name of the town that the characters live in. Soccer Girl and I have always said we want to live in Stars Hollow. So this past Saturday there we were, in our own version of Stars Hollow the Englishman and I with Mighty Mouth. (Soccer girl had All Conference for swim team and Miss Priss came late after a birthday party) My sister was there with her family. Two of my girlfriends were there with their families. A friend of my sister was there with her son. Plus countless people I know who live in our town. We had our lounge chairs and picnic blankets. We had coolers with food and cold drinks. (remember we live in Florida so while it wasn't hot THANK GOODNESS it wasn't cool either) in fact I have to say the weather was perfect. ( of course it will be more fun say in November when it will be chilly) I love that word chilly, because in Florida we rarely ever manage cold but we can and do get chilly. Then we can bring thermoses with hot chocolate and snuggle up under the stars with quilts to watch whats playing. Saturday night the movie was "Bedtime Stories" and if you haven't seen it do because it is so cute. It was a great family fun night and I can't wait to go next month!!!!!!

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