Sunday, August 2, 2009

Not sure how clear you can see this but I thought it was absolutely adorable The Englishman and I were lounging on the beach and the kids were upstairs taking a break from the sun. Soccer Girl's best friend was with us that day. (She is the one that SG went with to New York) We called the girls on the cell phone and asked them to bring us down some Pina Coladas and sandwiches. They made us delicious drinks and sandwiches and delivered them to us with a napkin they referred to as our "bill" which said :

2 sandwiches $10.00

2 Pina Coladas $15.00

Having three four daughters to wait on you: PRICELESS...

On the back it said: From the kitchen of and the girls names....

Isn't that just about the cutest and sweetest thing??

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