Monday, May 27, 2013

2013 Rainbow River Day...

Sunday we took another trip to Dunellon,Fl about 2 hours away and had another fantastic day on the Rainbow River. We did this last May too and said we were going to make it back there again before the summer was over. Well, you know what thought did. lol We had such a great time last year we knew when the trip was planned again that we had to be there. We had a much bigger group this time, there were about thirty of us in total. Maybe, this summer we will make it back. I'm really hoping to take Chloe and Charlotte (our French exchange students)when they come visit in July.
Natalie, her boyfriend Thor and Sydnee

McKenlee and her two besties Hannah and Marissa and Marissa's friend Lauren

Dave, Natalie and I in the picnic area.

Boy, floating down that river is really exhausting. LOL 

Me, Mckenlee and my adopted daughters Jacqueline and Hannah. lol

The "gang" on the river.

Me and my bestie.

Jacqueline and I and Sydnee's foot.  Ha Ha

Sydnee and her bestie.

Some of the gang.  We did this same picture last year as we were leaving so some of us were already gone.  Next year we have to take it when we first get there so everyone is in it.

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The Carters said...

Now that looks like a fun Memorial Day weekend adventure! It's done nothing but been chilly and overcast up here this weekend. Glad someone enjoyed the long weekend :)