Thursday, December 1, 2011

Best Friends??? NOT

This is a picture of our two cats Dudley(grey)and Tuesday(black)they both love it when I have the windows open and the blinds up. Normally, when I have one family room window open I will have the other one too. But today for some reason we didn't open the blinds on the second window therefore they couldn't each have their own.

This picture is really quite amazing to me because my cats hate each other. Well, to be honest Tuesday hates Dudley. We all know that Tuesday hates everyone except Dave and occasionally me if Dave is not around. Dudley on the other hand LOVES Tuesday. He loves to chase him, bully him, steal his food, jump on him when he least expects it. You know the type, basically agitate him in any way he can possibly find.

Sometimes I have to put Dudley in a kitty time out (lock him up in a bedroom) just so Tuesday can get a break. Unfortunately, because of Tuesday's "not so nice" disposition he doesn't get a lot of sympathy from the girls. In fact, if I am honest they kind of encourage Dudley to torture him. But don't fret I always try to come to Tuesday's rescue. Their relationship kind of surprises me, you would think it would be the other way around because Tuesday can be such a grouch. Tuesday is bigger, has been living in our home longer, and is older than his pip squeak Nemesis. I guess you never can tell.

One thing is for sure, necessity breeds friendship. Lets face it nothing beats a window seat on a gorgeous, cool, Florida sunny day..

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