Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Eve "Oh what a night"

I will always look back on New Years Eve 2011 with a smile.

Here is a brief run down of the evening's events...

5:00 P.M Our best friends arrive Mark and Tricia and their children Marissa and Carson. They plan to stay the night for New years Eve. They live about an hour away so we thought it safer to have them just stay. We start preparing food and making snacks...

6:00 P.M It begins to get dark and Mark notices that our front porch light is out, I explain that it has been out for over a month now and Dave just can't seem to get around to it. So Mark makes Dave feel guilty and together they change out the light bulb. This brings back hysterical memories of changing out a light bulb at their house several years before with Dave on the top of a ladder (they have cathedral ceilings)and Mark telling Dave that he "really could reach it, he just needed someone to hold the ladder" to which Tricia responds "oh so the three beers you just drank made you taller huh Mark?"

7:30 P.M During dinner we get a phone call from my Aunt saying that her house alarm is going off and could Dave please drive over and check it out. Dave at this point has had a few beers so he can't drive and I am not about to go by myself where there might be a big scary burglar. Mark not wanting to be left out in case there is any action decides he wants to come too. So myself and my entourage of strong manly men head over to my Aunt's while Tricia holds down the fort with the kids. Luckily, everything was secure and we came to the conclusion that the vibrations from all the fireworks must of set off the alarm.

8:00 P.M We head outside because Mark and Tricia have brought over Fireworks to let off. Of course, McKenlee (the only one of my three girls who is home because her sisters are living it up on their Christmas trips) is thrilled because I am not a big fan of fireworks. I think they are dangerous and expensive. (Like I really want to pay to get myself burned and or a possible E.R visit.) Don't get me wrong, it was fun to watch them as long as somebody else's husband was lighting them off. (thanks Mark) Anyway, at some point the dog (who is a total basket case on New Years Eve and the 4Th because fireworks and thunderstorms COMPLETELY FREAK HER OUT) has gotten out and is almost running right into the fireworks a total accident waiting to happen so we are all yelling at her to get back in the house which is freaking her out even more. She finally runs back in the house and we finish our fireworks.

9:00 P.M The fireworks are done so we tell the girls to go into the house to get a garbage bag to put all the wrappers in. As they are walking into the porch they call loudly in a panic to us that there is blood all over the floor. We all go running into the house and there is blood all over the place. We find the dog hiding out behind the couch and she is so panicked she won't come out but we know that she has got to be injured so we are trying every form of bribery to get her out. In the end I have to pull the couch (which is a big leather sectional) away from the wall and I hear a pop (the couch not the dog) and it comes apart where it is not suppose to come apart. We do however discover that Jesse has ripped her entire toenail off and it is bleeding like you would not believe. So we bandage her up and then lock her in the bathroom to try to calm her nerves. I then try to figure out what is wrong with the couch. Dave wants nothing to do with it right then "it's New Years Eve for heaven sakes Suz, can't it wait till tomorrow?" But I know him and he hates fixing things especially by himself so I shoot Mark a desperate look and he talks Dave into fixing it and so begins several trips to the garage to find the right tools and nuts and bolts to repair the couch. I'm happy to say they fixed it and the recliner is working even better than before.

10:30 For the next hour the kids play football out front with all the neighbor kids while we sit out on my back porch and have a marriage counseling session. Which really means Tricia and I team up and Mark and Dave team up and talk about all the things that drive us crazy about our spouses. Which isn't as bad as it sounds. In fact, it always ends up in tons of laughs and the conclusion that WIVES ARE ALWAYS RIGHT.

11:45 We head inside to get ready to watch the ball drop. I open a bottle of champagne that has been in my cupboard for at least a year if not more, it smells terrible. Tricia informs me that she will just take "sprite in her glass thank you very much" I decide that I will just have one sip of the nasty smelling stuff to toast in the New Year but later change my mind and dump it all down the sink. We wish each other a Happy New Year and work towards our goal of cleaning up and being in bed by 12:30 Oh yes, we are party animals!!!!

12:25 I head into my bathroom to get ready to go to bed when I discover what looks like a murder scene. My dog has chewed off her bandage and in her panic over the fireworks has scratched all over the door, the wall, the floor, the shower stall, the cabinets, you name it and there is blood on it. I am now starting to panic a little that I may be taking my dog to a Emergency Vet office on New Years Eve. In hopes of averting just that, I begin by soaking her foot in a bowl of water while Mark and Tricia look up how to stop the bleeding of a paw with a ripped out toenail. In case you ever need to know make a paste of Flour and water and generously apply to foot and don't allow the dog to move until it dries then re-bandage. Of course, after all this is done I still have to clean and disinfect the crime scene. Our 12:30 in bed plans were shot.

I finally did get to bed and then the next morning my wonderful husband made one of his famous breakfasts which we enjoyed with our awesome friends as we discussed

OH, WHAT A NIGHT.........

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