Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Two Prince Patriots...

High School swim season started tonight. This is the first time I have had two girls on the team. Since Sydnee and Natalie are four years apart they were never on the team together. I love having two swimmers on the team. I love that they both love the sport, I love that it is something they can do together,  and I especially love that I am not sitting for two hours with my kid only in two events that are over in less than two minutes. lol   With two daughters I get to see one of them in FOUR different events Woo Hoo!! Yes, I get eight minutes out of two hours. (smile)

 Both my girls are Butterflyers but right now Natalie is a tiny bit faster than McKenlee (McKenlee is determined to change that so there is a little competition in our house) so she got the individual event plus a relay on the A team. McKenlee got to swim Fly for the B relay team and Freestyle for the 200 relay, again for the B team. I would love to see my girls on a relay team together.  Because McKenlee is a Freshman she will probably always swim the B team but time will tell.  Both the girls did a great job and I am happy to say the Patriots won the meet!!!

 Go Patriots!!!!
Go Patriots!!!

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