Friday, August 9, 2013


So my girl is in France and having a blast.  She has been there a week today.  I was so worried about the flight and her getting nervous but everything went very smoothly.  Of course, I will be more nervous this time next week when she will be flying back by herself.  She has shared some pictures on FB but I am waiting until she gets back to share the pictures on the blog because I want to be able to share the one's taken with my camera.

She spent the first few days in Lille (I hope I am spelling that right) at Chloe's house and then headed to the south of France to Charlotte's house. Tomorrow they are heading to Chloe's Aunt Delphine's house and then back to Paris to stay with Chloe's grandparents.

 They have been having a ton of adventures. Ziplining, canoeing, biking, boat rides in caves, shopping. (my girl's favorite bit no doubt)

Can I just say that I love technology.  It's been so nice to be able to talk to and see her everyday on FaceTime.  (I really loved being able to take virtual tours of the French homes, Gorgeous!!)  Also free text messages on Viber.  I love feeling so connected even so far away, especially because I am such a worry wart.

Let me just close this post with Happy Friday I am so looking forward to the weekend!!!  Enjoy!!

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The Carters said...

What a wonderful trip for her!! I know she is having so much fun. I got to go to France for 2 weeks with my cousin. Neither of us spoke a lick of French but it was such a great experience.
Glad you are able to her everyday!