Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bowling night...

The week has flown by once again. Here's what they have been up too. Airheads a trampoline jumpy place. A day at my Mom 's pool. Yogurtland once again, the girls love this place. Adventure island on Wednesday. Acrylic nails and Pedicures on Thursday and bowling last night. The girl's are heading over to Busch Gardens today and then out to the beach condo tonight for the last leg of their trip. The girls and Natalie head out to France on Thursday. (OMG, my girl is going to France did I just type that?) I'm super excited and super nervous all at the same time.

 Here some pictures from last night.
Dave teasing McKenlee over the weight of the ball she picked.

Dave setting it up for us.

Um yeah, never let Dave do the set up or your name will be spelled wrong. 

And of course what's a bowling night without beer, soda, and fries, and onion, rings.

Finding the perfect bowling balls.

He's such a goof sometimes.

Selfie with Natalie.

Charlotte bowled the first strike.

McKenlee just wouldn't let me take her picture.

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