Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July...

This fourth of July was a little different than normal.

 First of all I had to work until 1pm. I've never had to work the fourth before so that was a little different. As per usual though with my new job we were busier than ever so the morning flew by.

 We had a picnic/barbecue planned for my Mom's but the forecast called for rain most of the day so we decided to have my Mom and my Aunt over to our house instead.

 My Aunt was recently in Michigan visiting my Grandmother and they were in her attic when they came across an old marble board that my Great Grandfather made over 60 years ago. My Aunt who is actually my Great Aunt (my Grandmother's sister) my Grandmother, my Mom and myself all played marbles with my Great Grandmother on this board. She was really into games and I remember so many afternoons after school and summer days playing Marbles and Yahtzee with her.

 My Aunt brought the game board back to Florida with her and on this rainy 4th we couldn't wait to play and take a walk down memory lane. Of course, we all remembered the rules differently.

 While I didn't agree with their rules for play I compromised and played their way since it was two against one. LOL

 I stood my ground though and told them my children will learn the game as I remember playing it. :)
The marbles are the original marbles bought 60 years ago.  Although the die we borrowed  from another game because the one that was with the marbles was so small it was driving us all crazy.

It wasn't the sunny poolside bbq we had planned but it was a really fun afternoon and a great dinner thanks to our fantastic grill chef extraordinaire Dave. 
Yes, my kids were here but as per usual Natalie and McKenlee were back and forth between our house and Hannah and Emily's and Sydnee was working at the Fort and joined us shortly after dinner.

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The Carters said...

That is really cool to still have the game board in the family. I know you'll have lots of fun family times with it :)