Friday, June 21, 2013

Movie Night at the local Pool...

Tonight our local public pool had their very first family movie night. Because McKenlee volunteers there now she really wanted to go. Sydnee was out to dinner with her boyfriend Matt so we grabbed our adopted daughter Hannah and the five of us headed to the pool. It was such a great time. We played monkey in the middle with an inflatable ball. Caught up with an old friend who was there with her two younger daughters. Had some races with the girls. I tied Natalie, much to her disappointment. (I think she fully expected to win lol ) Of course, she would of killed me had we done more than one lap. We made great friends with a little guy named Kyle who never stopped talking. We snacked on some popcorn and floated to Despicable Me. It was a really good night and I hope the pool continues with the this event. We will definitely go again. I got a few pictures but it is with my I-phone so the quality leaves little to be desired.
Natalie once again not wanting to smile for the camera.  Dave being goofy, and I wonder where McKenlee gets it.

Just a view of the pool.

A view of the movie screen in the back.

Monkey in the "blurry" Middle.  There's our new little friend in the left corner.

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The Carters said...

They had a dive in movie at the hotel we stayed in Orlando. I had always wanted to do this, but of course the nights we were actually at the hotel the weather was bad. Hope you get to go again!