Sunday, June 16, 2013

Just a quick update...

Just wanted to post a quick update on how our summer has been going so far.

 Dave: He was on vacation this last week and worked his tail off by finishing the girls bathroom. (He re-tiled the shower area a few weeks ago.) This week he put in a new vanity, new back splash, new light fixture and Natalie repainted. The girls bathroom looks fantastic. We went with dark wood for the vanity and I can't get over how much I love it. (I have never been a dark wood fan in the past) As always with DIY projects what you think is going to be a quick in and out job turns into an all day and fifty trips to Home Depot event. Thanks honey for giving up your week off to work on the house!!! The hot, hot, summer is here and until September when Dave has his next vacation he will be "in brown" out in it delivering packages and sweating his tail off.(He's a UPS driver ) So on Father's Day I would just like to mention to him how much we appreciate how hard he works for us. We LOVE you and we know first hand "what can brown do for you?" You do it for us everyday and we love you for it!!!!

 Me: Summer's moving right along. Seems strange to not be home with my girls and my little's over the summer but I am not complaining. I really love my job and am excited about all I have learned and am learning. I feel like I am making a difference and I love it. So thankful that I was given this opportunity. Chloe and her cousin Charlotte (our french exchange student) fly over on July the 9th and I am really looking forward to seeing the girls and planning things to do while they are here. It should be a really fun 3 weeks.

Sydnee: She has been life guarding out at the fort, taking a lab class at our local college that she couldn't fit into her schedule at her university, and still trying to spend time with her boyfriend Matt. He is also home for the summer and working at Busch Gardens. She just found out a few days ago that for her birthday in August that Matt booked an animal interaction for her at Sea World (he gets a discount being a Busch Garden employee) on her birthday they will be swimming and interacting with the Beluga Whales. She is beyond excited and I am excited for her as Beluga Whales have always been my favorite sea creatures. I can't wait to see the pictures.

 Natalie: She has been working every Sunday cutting coupons with a friend who's Mom has a couponing Web Site. She is saving money like crazy in anticipation of her France trip. She leaves for France on August first. She is also doing the summer swim team to start getting in shape for the High School swim team which will start up at the end of August when school starts. In addition to helping her Dad through all phases of the bathroom remodel she has been painting interior doors for my Mom for extra money. She's been a busy money making girl.

 McKenlee: She has been attached at the hip to her best friend Hannah. I either have Hannah here for the night or McKenlee is at Hannah's. They are having a blast between swimming, beach going, long boarding, and playing "man hunt" at night with the kids in the neighborhood. McKenlee also took a Jr. Life Guarding class a couple weeks ago so in addition to summer swim team she has been volunteer life guarding at the pool. She loves helping with the swimming lessons for the little one's, and helping out during the open swimming sessions. I feel strongly that she will follow in her sister's footsteps and life guard but more likely at the pool instead of the beach.

Of course, I hate to post without a few pictures so below are some pictures from Wednesday. I had to work yesterday so I had Wednesday off and with Dave being on vacation we headed to the beach for the day. It was gorgeous. The water was crystal clear (definitely a plus since I tend to be a bit of a chicken in murky ocean water) hot but with a breeze. We parked at a local beach bar and restaurant, a place you can never get a spot at on the weekends. So this meant that we could enjoy a couple frozen cocktails (virgin for the girls)on the beach and dinner later when Sydnee got off work and joined us. It was the perfect day!!! Happy Father's day friends, enjoy your day!!!!!
Me (looking so lovely, NOT) and my adopted daughter Hannah.

Sydnee and Natalie.

Dave and McKenlee.  I wish you could see the beach and water right behind them in this picture,  GORGEOUS.

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