Sunday, June 9, 2013

Trevor's Graduation...

My best friend (so I don't confuse, I have two lol) Karen's son Trevor graduated from High School last week.  I posted about Trevor and Sydnee growing up together here.  It was such a great night celebrating a really great young man.  Karen had a beautiful poster board full of pictures of Trevor's childhood and I loved that I could say I was there for all of them.  Watching your own children grow from babyhood to adulthood is exciting and watching your friend's children, who become your children's friends, grow (was that a little confusing?) is every bit as good.  I feel privileged to have been a part of Trevor's life and to have watched him become such a fantastic young man.

Congratulations Trevor,  Dave and I are so proud of you!!!!!

Friends Forever!!!

Friends Forever!!!

Our family celebrating a fantastic young man.

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