Tuesday, July 16, 2013

UCF, Shopping, and Go Karts, oh my...

After we got back from the beach on Sunday evening the girls headed to UCF with Sydnee. They got to see her University campus and spend the night in her apartment.

 If I am not mistaken though the best part of the trip was the shopping trip at the Mall of the Millennium. The girls couldn't wait to get into their favorite stores.

 They headed back home last night and after dinner decided to try riding Go Karts with Natalie's friend Jordan. I think it is safe to say they had a great time.

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angel gonzales said...

It looks like they had a whole lot of fun shopping and go karting. I love the sleeveless tops they got, especially the polka dots sleeveless top. How was go karting? Was it the first time? Go karting is fun so i bet, they all had a great time. I've always enjoyed go karting with friends.

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