Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Party at the Prince House...

We had a party at our house on Sunday. We had over 20 teenagers hanging out in our living room.

 We served hamburgers, hot dogs, Mac and Cheese and cookies. You know typical teenage fare.

 It was super hot outside and we don't have a pool so I told Natalie we were going to have to come up with some games. We decided to do a "minute to win it" themed party and looked up a bunch of challenges from the television show.

 It's safe to say the kids loved it. (I was a little worried they might think it was corny)

 Natalie has a really great group of friends and I thought it was nice for all of her friends to see Chloe again and meet Charlotte. These were a lot of the same kids that Chloe met a few years ago when she first came to stay with us.

This week will be busy, the girls checked out our local community pool yesterday. Today they are heading to my Mom's pool for the afternoon.  Tomorrow it's Adventure Island water park.  Sometime in between all this we want to go bowling and Saturday we head out to the beach to stay in the Condo my Mom rented.

Hurry up weekend I'm ready!!!

Balancing dice on a popsicle stick challenge.

Chloe balancing the dice.

Chloe won this challenge it must be that great gymnast balance.

Dave, photo bombing.

The M n M straw challenge.

Group shot just the girls 

Group shot with the boys included.

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