Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunset at John's Pass...

Saturday we spent the day at my best friends house for her daughter's Birthday. It was suppose to be a pool party but the pool portion got cut short due to our continous afternoon rains. We are so tired of the rain already. On or way home the rain had stopped and it was actually beautiful evening because the rain took care of the oppressive heat. The weather couldn't have been more perfect for a sunset on the beach and some ice cream on the boardwalk. We even popped into my sisters after to drop off her birthday present and Chloe and Charlotte fell in love with her little dog Perry.
Dave horsing around with the girls on the boardwalk.

Yummy ice cream.. 

This picture was funny because Dave took it and said "looks like you have a halo and we  know that's not true" LOL

My girl got back from Pennsylvania last night with her BFF's family.  Couldn't be happier to have her home.

I love capturing photos like this I have another one of my Aunt and Grandma in the same pose.

Sunset time..

I made sure I wasn't in this one.  Definitely not my good side. LOL

One of my favorites from the evening.

This one too.

Charlotte and Perry

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