Monday, October 7, 2013

Once a month posts have got to go....

I really have to get better about this posting thing. We have just been so busy and my camera stopped working so combine the two and it doesn't make for good posting accountability. But I do have a new camera on my Christmas list and I am pretty good about taking pictures with my Iphone so no more excuses.  October will be better.  Homecoming was fun for the girls they went with each other. (Yes, this made my Momma's heart proud.)  They both ended the night out to dinner with boys.  Natalie with a new one she has been talking to and McKenlee with Tristan.  I am happy to say they are back together again.  Dave and I love him and were very happy to hear they reconnected at Homecoming.
My pretty girls in borrowed dresses. (Score!! we love borrowed dresses)

Oh, I forgot to mention we finally planted some shrubs out front. (Well, truth be told Dave's parents and Aunt and Uncle did it for us when they were here.)

Dave and I participated in a Golf Scramble tournament on Sunday.  We were invited by our good friends the Jackson's and we had a blast.  My first attempt at golfing a couple years ago in Saphire Valley, NC was not very successful I was never able to connect with the ball.  This time was much better.  I connected with the ball, managed to hit it fairly (mostly) straight and managed to hit further than Dave on the 17th hole.  He keeps mentioning when I brag about this that the hole was only a par 3 but who cares I hit further than him. Whoo Hoo!!!!!!
We came in 2nd place for mixed teams and won the prize of $60 a couple.

Dave and I 
Krista and I 

Krista, Mark and Dave.

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The Carters said...

Your girls are gorgeous! Definite score on the borrowed dresses :) A friend of mine says she wants to open up a high school prom dress consignment store. Have different sections for each of the city's high school then you can "shop" in a different school to increase your chances no one has seen the dress! Our school has 3 dances a year. Can't imagine having girls and affording all those different dresses$$

Congrats on the golf win. You definitely need to brag about out driving your hubby. Doesn't matter the par - you still hit it further. And you can tell him your friend in MN said so :)