Sunday, October 20, 2013

A kick in the grass...

Last night Dave and I had a triple date with our two younger daughters.  (Yeah, tell me that wasn't a little weird lol.)
We got some free tickets to a Rowdies Soccer Game from a friend of Dave's.  We asked the girls if their boyfriends (well Natalie and Chris are not official yet but he's been around almost a month now so that's what we call him. ) wanted to join us and we'd all go.  I was pleasantly surprised they said yes.  It was a perfect night, not to hot and just a quick sprinkle that only lasted about 5 minutes.  The Rowdies won, always a plus but I must admit my favorite part is people watching and all the little one's in their soccer uniforms screaming their little lungs out.  Always reminds me of my girls when they were little and we would go watch the Mutiny play.  After the game we really wanted Yogurtland for frozen yogurt but they were closed and so was the Dairy Queen so we settled for McDonalds.  It was a good night hanging with our girls and their guys...
Natalie,Chris, Tristan and McKenlee

Dave and I

Dave and Tristan doing a little male bonding and enjoying their milkshakes.

Selfie of McKenlee and I 

Chris teasing Natalie

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