Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gorgeous Fall leaves and 40 degrees...

Last weekend I traveled to Michigan, It was a very quick trip I went up Friday morning and flew home Sunday morning. I went to see my Grandmother who is suffering from Pancreatic cancer, diagnosed shortly after her 80th Birthday party that we had for her last April. It was wonderful to see her. She is in the hospital right now but we have hope of getting her back home once they get her stronger. Having lived in Florida since I was nine I got really excited over the fall leaves and weather. Man they are beautiful. I know my northern friends probably don't even notice, just how we don't really notice when we are driving along the beach roads. You kind of just take it for granted when you see it all the time. Saturday morning I took my Grandmother's little Papillon for a walk and snapped some pictures. I wore my boots and scarf and loved every minute of it. (Yeah, boots and scarfs are about a once a year thing here) I flew back to 78 degrees and sunny skies. At least we got to open the windows on Saturday and Sunday. It was short lived though my air conditioner is back on. :)

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The Carters said...

So sorry to hear about your grandmother. I know you were glad to get up there to see her.
That is one nice thing living up here is that you actually have a fall with colorful leaves! In Charleston we just had the pine needles falling off the pine trees LOL.