Thursday, November 21, 2013

November catch up...

November is flying by and here I am again with no posts. Here is a quick run down.

 Natalie bought a car and is loving the independence and thrill of having her "own" vehicle. It is a 2000 Volkswagen Jetta. It's cute. The passenger side window doesn't work. (Dave will be fixing that) Her trunk only latches after about ten tries. The radio didn't work. (we already replaced that) and about a million other things need to be fixed. But it has a sunroof and so far seems to be running great so she is THRILLED. Thanks to Nanny and Grandad in England for sending the girls money to buy their first cars!!

 Swim season ended and soccer is in full swing. Natalie is on the varsity squad and McKenlee is on JV which means that I am at some high school soccer field every night of the week. McKenlee's season ended last night though so I might get to make and serve dinner before 9pm real soon.

 Thanksgiving weekend is upon us and because of my new job this is the first year I will not have the long weekend off. (sad face) I am however only working until noon both Thanksgiving and black Friday so it shouldn't be to bad. We are headed to Orlando on black Friday for the UCF-USF football game. I said I would never watch a UCF football game in Sept in the middle of the day again so I am looking forward to a November evening (the game is at 8pm) cooler game. We bought new UCF sweatshirts that I am hoping we get a chance to wear. Wish us luck.

 Two weekends ago we had our first cooler night. You know what that means in Fl. It was below 70 degrees. (It was 69 lol) so we had a fire I made a big pot of Chili and the girls has some friends over for dinner and smores. Please excuse the quality of the photos they were taken with my I-phone. A new camera is on my Christmas list.

 Just in case I don't get another post in Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!
Natalie will never smile in a picture.  Here we are in the bleachers watching McKenlee's soccer game.

After the game.  McKenlee with her friend Samantha and Sam's dog Morris.  The girls were so excited they won their last game.  Their only win for the season (JV is a much shorter season)

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