Monday, April 11, 2011

Another weekend flew by....

Wow, is it Monday again already? We had a very full weekend. Miss Priss and Mighty Mouth had a softball tournament this past weekend. This season with them both being on different teams I feel like we are always at the ball field or one or the other. They did really well and I was very proud of them. Mighty Mouth caught two big hits into left field which thrilled her and she got to play all six innings in her Friday night game which was very exciting for her as she is used as a sub the majority of the time. Miss Priss is the catcher on her team and they won Friday nights game 1-0 with the opposing team having last ups. It was very stressful for her making sure she didn't miss a single pitch opening up a chance for the third base runner to come in. Especially, when her team's pitcher throws that ball so fast it sounds like a super loud pop when it hits her glove. Mighty Mouths team came in 2nd and Miss Priss's team came in 3rd. Summer has definitly arrived here in Florida as we coated on the sunscreen and sat under our umbrellas and watched the games.

Yesterday, I had lunch with one of my oldest and dearest friends who recently underwent surgery. She looked great and it was nice to spend time and laugh with her and her family who I hadn't seen in a long time.

I weighed in on Saturday at WW and I am very happy to report that I lost 1.5 lbs. I was so excited since I hadn't been in 4 weeks. So while my weight loss has been slow, VERY SLOW. I am still losing and still going and that is what's important. I also signed up to do the WW 5k on May 22nd. I'm very excited about that. I just hope that my foot is better by then.

Yes, I am still struggling with this darn foot. It has been 4 weeks already and while it is tremendously better it still swells up in the evening and I am still not walking on it properly I am walking on the left side of the foot because the right side is still too tender which is wreaking havoc on both feet now. Oh well, I will just keep icing it and just keep plodding on. I will admit that part of it is my own fault because I really should be wearing tennis shoes all the time. It feels so much better in tennis shoes but when you have size ten feet tennis shoes make you feel like you are wearing battle ships on your feet. I'm bad and sometimes I let fashion win out over comfort. Especially, when I am still sporting my lovely pedicure that I treated myself to before we left for Myrtle Beach. You can't see my pretty toes in tennis shoes. :(

Soccer Girl has her Soccer Banquet tomorrow night. Another "last one" this will be my last Soccer Banquet as neither of my other two girls play soccer. I will post some pictures on Wednesday. I hope everyone has a great week.

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