Friday, April 22, 2011

Enjoying the Beach

What a beautiful sunset we saw tonight. What we didn't see were any other French Students. We tried to find the group but no one answered their phones and no one was at Caddy's. LOL So the girl's and I set up our towels and chairs and they enjoyed the beach together.

They played in the waves and did a little snorkeling minus the snorkels that I accidentally forgot. We walked on the beach and they wrote their names in the sand.

I took a ton of pictures of the sunset for you Valerie because ChloƩ's camera died so I will send them to you in an email.

After the sunset we packed up and had our evening meal at 9 P.M again. At a
little family restaurant. Poor girl I don't think she has had a single evening meal prior to 8pm all week.

Tomorrow it's back to the beach to do some sunbathing. ChloƩ is determined to go home with a tan. :)

Sunday we will have a big Easter picnic at my Mom's by the pool and Monday we are headed to Busch Gardens.

A busy weekend ahead of us...

1 comment:

Valerie, Chloe's mom said...

How lucky you are !
Not many people around you !
In France, as soon as the sun is shining, the beaches look like gatherings'penguins , lol.