Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wow, is it Thursday already??

I can't believe that tomorrow is Friday, the week has just flown by. The girl's had another busy day. It started early as they wanted to get to school early for a French Club meeting.

It was an opportunity for the French Students to get together
and talk about their week so far and an opportunity for the American students to practice their French some more. LOL

After school Natalie found out that her softball game was cancelled and she was thrilled because she had a project that she had to finish up plus it opened up the evening for the girl's to go swimming at my Mom's house again.

We all got home for dinner at about 8pm. We eat dinner so late some evenings I hope Chloé (I'm so excited I figured out how to make the é on my keyboard) doesn't mind. She said that her family eats kind of late sometimes too. I hope she isn't just saying that to be nice. LOL

The girls then headed to Natalie's room to relax a bit before bed. Sydnee was sharing her favorite music with Chloé "Jack Johnson." My girls love the CD's of the French music Chloé brought over. We have all learned some of the words and find ourselves singing in French in the car even though we don't know what we are saying.

Chloé also showed Natalie how to take pictures loaded to the computer and make neat digital murals with them.

Tomorrow after school we are joining some of the other host families for dinner at one of our local beach bar/restaurants. (Caddy's for all you locals if you want to join us, Chloé would love to meet you) We are going to stay and watch the sunset.

We also plan on heading to the beach for the day on Saturday. It was cute I asked Chloé if she minded going to the beach two days in a row. She said "Oh no that would be just fine" I guess it's safe to say she likes the beach...

Well I am sure tomorrow night I will have some beautiful pictures of our Sunset.

Until then......


Chloé's Dad said...

Do you have one free seat in your car on beach way for friday evening sunset ... I would love it ! Of course if I had to choose I'd prefer Susie Breakfast at first ;-)

delphine.belloc said...

very nice of you to invite every body at the beach! unfortunately we might run a little bit late for the sunset :-)
We'll content ourselves with the easter atlantic sunset nearby Biarritz :. With a bunch of clouds just in front : just to make sure our eyes won't cry...8-)
a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. (we are luckier than in the north of France)