Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just hanging out....

The last two days we have just been kind of hanging out with no big plans.

Tuesday morning I let the girls play hooky from school and we drove over to International Mall so Chloé could do a little shopping. (You know my two girls had to get something too LOL)

She bought some nice presents for her family (hint hint Valerie LOL )

When we got home the girls just didn't want to go to school like originally planned so they took the rest of the day off. We had lunch and then they chilled out and watched TV and played "Just Dance" on the Wii. The pictures above were taken with my cell phone and the girls were moving so the quality is a little blurry.

That evening Natalie had a softball game so Chloé and McKenlee played catch with Chloé's new softball glove in between watching the game. She says that softball is "not the sport for me" but she was pretty good at catching and throwing the ball. (smile)

Yesterday, Wednesday the girls went to school and then last night McKenlee had a softball game and Natalie had batting practice. The game was over pretty quickly so we headed home and Chloé and I watched "Survivor" one of my favorite shows. Chloé says they have a similar show in France.

Today the girls are heading to school and then this evening we are heading back down to the beach to shop along the boardwalk and catch the sunset again. (if it doesn't rain, it is suppose to rain :( ) We will at least get the shopping in if not the sunset. You know PRIORITIES lol.

Tomorrow the plan is to let the girls miss school again and hang out by the pool since it is Chloé's last day with us. Then tomorrow evening we will be heading to a baseball game to watch The Tampa Bay Rays.

I can't believe that Chloé will be leaving us on Saturday morning. The time has just flown by. We have so enjoyed having her. It has been a wonderful experience for Natalie and all of us.

I have even learned a little French...

C'est bon, C'est bon!!!

(Valerie you will have to ask Chloé about this, it is so funny)

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