Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bye Bye Chloé, We miss you

Saturday morning we bid farewell to our exchange student Chloé. It was so sad I was tearing up isn't that awful. LOL I am such a baby. We just had so much fun with her and she so quickly became a part of our family. I kept joking that I had four daughters and I loved it.

Friday night we had our last hurrah with a baseball game at the Trop.

It was fun. The pictures are from that night.

The poor girls didn't get to bed I think until 1:00am (Chloé still had to pack)and then we had to be up at 7 to have her to the school by 8:30. Dave sent her off with one of his big breakfasts.

Her Mom texted me this morning and said that she was home safe and sound but bless her heart she was not able to sleep on the trip at all so you know she is exhausted.

We hope she comes back soon to visit (hint hint).

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

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delphine.belloc said...

thank you for all this pictures and comments about Chloé. We've been able to follow her through this nice exchange. Now we are looking foward having her comments in live!