Friday, May 13, 2011

Graduation Announcements

I have begun sending out Sydnee's Graduation announcements. I was very proud of my frugal announcements because I think they turned out beautiful. Instead of going through the school and ordering really formal ones. (even though I think they are nice) They are not really our style. We are not formal people. Plus, after spending a small fortune on her Senior pictures I didn't want to pay the exorbitant prices so I went through good ol Sam's Club and these are what I picked out. I wanted to send one to her pediatricians office just because I feel like they have watched her grow up. I also knew that I wanted to send a thank you note along with it. I had written this thank you note in my head many times, many different ways. Sometimes I wanted to include specifics about how each of the Dr's (there are four in the practice) had really gone above and beyond. Or more often about times when they calmed my OVERACTIVE nerves in regards to Sydnee's health. I wanted to include things like the time I called one of the Dr's after hours because Sydnee had put her sister's ear drops into her eye by mistake. I thought I was going to die from a panic attack. After I relayed what had happened she actually giggled, yes laughed, then profusely apologized. She quickly explained that she had never heard that one before and it sounded like something that would happen at her house. I remember that her laugh instantly calmed me down. I thought well, if she can be laughing about this it can't be that bad. Turns out it wasn't. In fact the ear drops that she put into her eye happened to be the same type of antibiotic that had been prescribed for her eye. So while it was made up of a few different ingredients essentially it was the same medicine. Oh there are so many more things I wanted to say in that letter, but then I realized it would be just to long. So instead I kept it short. Because you know I use this blog as a journal for my girls' I am inserting a copy of the letter.

Dear Dr’s and Staff,

Words could never express how blessed our family is to have such an incredible pediatric office for our children.

As we celebrate this first big milestone in Sydnee’s life I wanted to take a minute to thank you all for the concern, kindness, and care you have shown for Sydnee and her sisters through the years.

When I think back through her childhood I remember so many times sitting in the exam rooms with a pit in my stomach so worried about my girl. Because of course, I had convinced myself that her minor illness was something much more devastating.

I have memories of all four Dr’s quickly putting my mind at ease and never making me feel like I was overreacting (even though most times I was.) Always so willing to answer my questions and being so patient with me as I asked the same questions over and over again in different ways just to reassure myself, then ever so nicely suggesting that I STAY OFF THE INTERNET. (smile)

As Sydnee goes off to UCF in the fall to major in Biomedical Sciences and pursue her dream to become a Pediatrician, please know that it is because she was so inspired by her wonderful Dr’s and the staff at McAuliffe Pediatrics.

Suzie Prince

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Senior Prom is tonight. Pictures soon I promise!!!

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Valerie, Chloe's mom said...

Have a great evening !!!
We 'll think of you and especially to Sydnee.
We are waiting for the pictures ... lol