Monday, April 25, 2011

Our day at Busch Gardens

What a wonderful day we had today at Busch Gardens. Dave was able to take the day off, we only wish Sydnee would of been able to come but she was just to exhausted from camping and working all weekend.

Both of the girl's softball games ended up being cancelled so we got to stay for the day. (although we did end up leaving about an hour before closing due to a huge rain storm)

The girl's rode a roller coaster (gwazi). Natalie and Dave rode Shriekra while Chloé and McKenlee rode the flume.

We rode the congo river rapids and I was the only one who managed to get completly soaking wet. (That always happens to me I really know how to pick a seat LOL)

We rode the bumper cars, and Rhino Rally. We saw an adorable animal show and completly fell in love with the parks newest baby cheetah.

We rode the train and saw lots of animals up close. Chloé was so close to a Zebra at one point I thought she might be able to reach out and touch it.

It was just a perfect day. (Valerie, I have so many more pictures of today and pictures since Chloé has gotten here. I will load them to FB so you can see copies of them all on Chloé's Facebook)

We all came home exhausted so we ordered pizza for dinner and watched a little TV.

Tomorrow, I will be letting the girl's go into school late so I can take them to the mall. Chloé wants to go to Abercrombie and Fitch and we are running out of time before she goes home :(

It's hard to believe she has been here over a week already the time has just flown. I have really enjoyed having 4 daughters this week. LOL

Good night, I know I will be sleeping like a rock.

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Valerie, Chloe's mom said...

You seemed to have a wonderful day at Bush gardens. I didn't think Chloé was able to do the coaster !!!!!

T thought she would stay with the parrots and zebras , lol....

Enjoy your last week ...