Friday, September 26, 2008

Englishman on Holiday

Well, the Englishman left for his vacation this afternoon. He is off to play golf, shoot paint balls, and enjoy cool weather. I could care less about Golf and Paint ball but man I am jealous over that cooler weather. As he was packing Jeans and sweatshirts I looked down at my tank top and shorts and cried. Speaking of packing, oh my gosh you would think this man was going to be gone for a year. Not just one short week. Not to mention the fact that my Aunt and Uncle do have a washing machine in their gorgeous new home that I am so envious that he is seeing before me. He actually had to remove a few things before he left because he was over the fifty pound limit. Can someone say"metrosexual". I was teasing him and said we were going to call him "Nanny". Nanny is my Mom who takes a minimum of five bags when she vacations with us. In her defense she is usually packing extra things for the girls that she has picked up. In Englishman's suitcase it was all for HIM. Have fun Englishman we will miss you. Not that the girls will have much time for that. Once again we have a very busy weekend. The big thing being Soccergirls first Homecoming. I will post pictures and details on Sunday after I sleep till noon. Yippee!!!!!

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