Monday, September 29, 2008

Dinnertime Conversations

Since the Englishman is still on Holiday we had another "girl's only" dinner tonight. Lots of times our dinners are very rushed. Scarfed down between pratices or one or two of us missing from the table. But the last two nights the four of us have sat down together. Tonight was fun because I was just listening to my girls talk to each other. Normally, I find that they are competing for the floor and mine or Englishman's attention. Excited to share stories from their day with us. Tonight was different. Mighty Mouth was asking Miss Priss about middle school and how it was different from her school and about changing classes and things. Miss Priss loved telling her sister about her new school. (Miss Priss loves middle school, I think the whole changing classes and seven different teachers makes her feel very grown up) I was so proud of Soccer girl too because instead of throwing her two cents in and talking about her long lost middle school days she just let her sister talk. I felt like I had a little peek into the future of how my girls might be when they are older and have busy lives and catch up over lunch. Of course, I really hope when they are older and having lunch at a nice restuarant Miss Priss does not have a huge wad of gum stuck on her hand saving it for after she's done...(Yes, she really did that tonight ) I know , I know. GROSS......

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