Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween Pictures

Here are some pictures of the girls on Halloween. What do you think of that Bumble Bee costume? Probably exactly what I was thinking. (Are you nuts???) I agree it was a (lot) little grown up but she was so excited about it and totally loved it (a little to much) and so I had to let her wear it. Crazy as it sounds I think it was the socks that made it look to sexy. Is that nuts? But really it just made the skirt part look that much shorter, do you agree? Oh I miss the days of Fairy Princesses and Ballerinas. Shoot, I even miss the one year she wanted to go as "Scream" and wore a long black cloak and a Scream mask. I thought she was crazy then and wished she wanted to be something more feminine (I thought the scream thing was more for little boys) Oh be careful what you wish for.... I sure would of loved to have put that "Scream" costume on her this year. This year was also the first year that Soccer Girl did not Trick or Treat. She had Districts for swim team all day on Halloween and was not home. To be honest though, even if she would of been home I do not think she would of Trick or Treated. So this is the first year she is not in the Halloween pictures. On the bright side this year was my little niece Hannah's first Halloween so that was a lot of fun. Back to trick or treating with one in a stroller. So I guess that's how it kind of goes. In the blink of an eye the older one's grow up and the new little one's take their place. I need to remind my sister to be careful not to blink........

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