Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Still Here Just Swamped

Hi, I just wanted to let you know we are alive and well in Princeville. I haven't posted in over a week just because we have been so busy. I have to say though I was thrilled when my Aunt emailed me and wanted to know if everything was OK because I hadn't blogged in awhile. I thought to myself "whoa, so someone is actually reading even when NO ONE COMMENTS (hint, hint) it made me feel so good. I love an audience....Ha Ha.... The girls and I and Englishman are all well. High school soccer is in full swing right now so I am juggling making the games plus getting coverage for Mighty Mouth and her practices. Of course Soccer Girl's games and Mighty Mouth's practice times are ALWAYS on the same nights. Good thing we have Grandma's and Aunts around. Since the Englishman started wearing "Browns" we have had to adjust to him not being around in the evenings till later. Getting geared up for Thanksgiving. Soccer Girl and I will be leaving for a tournament in Plantation on Friday morning. (Aunt Rona, how far away is Plantation from you? I never even thought about it being close if you would like to catch one of the soccer games, let me know) They are the defending champions and while I want them to do well it would be nice to be able to leave Saturday after their last game and not have to hang around until the final on Sunday. (I hope Soccer Girl doesn't read this or she will be upset with me for saying that) I am looking forward to Thanksgiving week because I will be off that week with the girls...(I love my job, I love my job) I really want to see that movie "TWILIGHT" while we are off since I was ridiculously addicted to the books even though they are supposed to be "teen romance" I guess I am still a teenager at heart. I had to laugh when my friend's daughter asked "Soccer Girl" if she had read them and I piped up "she hasn't but I have and they are so good" We then discussed which characters we liked and how hot the actor is who is playing the male lead. (Yes, he is all of 20 and I am discussing said "hottie's" cuteness with a 12 year old.... but hey does it matter? ) Ha Ha I hope to post some pictures soon I don't even know what is on my memory card right now but hopefully something "post worthy" . Have a great week...............

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