Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Soccer, Spring Break, Sunny Days, Super Pitcher

We have had a great last couple of weeks. We spent the day at the beach with my Aunt and Uncle and had a fantastic time as seen in the pictures. Friends of ours came too with their children (those are the extra girls you see in the photos) It would of been easier if we had a picture of us all together but we didn't. I also had to show a picture of Mighty Mouth on the pitchers mound because who would of thunk, she is turning out to be quite the pitcher. There is a picture of me with my Aunt and of the Englishman with my Uncle. I am sure he is going to hate the picture but I will assure him not as much as I hate the one with my Aunt. She looks great I look like a giant next to her. Of course the kids can't take a bad picture even if they try. Last weekend Soccer Girl and I were in Palm Bay for her State Cup. Her team did so well they placed top in their bracket and go directly to the next round. Which means technically right now they are one of the top 10 teams in the state of Florida. She is very excited and getting ready for the next round which is the 18th of April. My in laws come in on Friday and we are all looking forward to that. We leave for a weeks vacation in Orlando on Sunday. Our weather has been gorgeous with a capital G. Warm sunny days with a breeze and cool nights. The only downfall is the pollen which is horrible right now but a small price to pay I guess for the beautiful days. I won't be posting for a little while because I know we will be busy but I am sure I will have a lot to share when we get back.........

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