Thursday, May 6, 2010

Elisabeth H, will you please shut up!!!!!!

I am not one to really care to much about celebrity gossip but this time I just had to say something and let's face it not to many people read my blog so I am not worried about offending anyone. First, let me say I cannot stand Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She has always rubbed me wrong especially after the Elisabeth/Rosie incident. Oh yeah, then there was the Elisabeth/Whoopi incident and now of course we have the Elisabeth/Erin incident. This time though she really blew it and may I just say "Elisabeth, it is about time your holier than thou attitude FINALLY came back to bite you in the boo tay" Was it not so long ago that YOU were prancing around on one of the SURVIVOR beaches in practically nothing. Yes, I do believe a Bikini is a lot more revealing than ANY of Erin Andrews dancing costumes. Let me just end this post with "Hey Elisabeth, JEALOUS much"???

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Bronte said...

I read your blog.....totally agree on Elisabeth H. She just needs to shut her trap. I wouldn't be surprise to hear later on down the road she is running for office or something. I could totally see her being groomed by the neo-conservative republic movement for office