Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer is Underway....

Well, it has been officially summer now for two weeks and I love it. Everything is so laid back. It is HOT HOT HOT, this will never change see: living in Florida. Can you believe my Electric bill actually went down by 20 dollars though. It's got to be the combination of the new dryer and new dryer venting or the fact that as much as it kills me I have been leaving my thermostat on 78 instead of 76.

We are just 4 weeks away from our trip to England. I'm trying to get excited about it but of course it always comes back to how much money I have to save before we go. Why must everything revolve around money?

I just finished Jen Lancaster's latest book "My Fair Lazy" and laughed through the whole thing. She totally cracks me up. I have never been one to want to meet an author or anything as much as I LOVE to read, but I'm telling you if she ever came to town for a book signing I would so be the first in line.

Mighty Mouth's first Allstars game is Thursday night, looking forward to that. Of course,it had to fall on the same night as the first Meet for swim team. Bummer (And as per usual in my world, we found out AFTER I had already paid for the Meet)

Soccer Girl just made her first big purchase with her first job earnings a Surf Board. This has become her new thing "learning how to surf." It's pretty (can a surf board be pretty?) and she got it off craig's list so I can only hope she got a deal on it. The Englishman looked them up on line and said she did really good. Now I just hope she doesn't get bitten by a shark. You guys know how I feel about ocean water PRETTY TO LOOK AT NOT TO GO IN. (without copious amounts of Rum and Diet Coke, 38th Birthday, Archibald Beach, Krista and Kelly do you remember? The Englishman had to drive us home that day and that NEVER happens)

Well, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and staying cool.....

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