Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A quick 1,2,3

1. Last day of school is tomorrow. I can't believe it, another year has flown by. Two of my darlings graduated from preschool and move on to kindergarten next year. I have had them both since they were a year old so as you can imagine I will miss them terribly. Their last day with me is Friday, it's going to be a tough afternoon with a few tears shed.

2. My little newbie has been with me six weeks now. She is beautiful and I am completely in love. I forgot how fast New Born's grow and she has already changed so much. I also forgot how relaxing it can be to rock a baby. You have the perfect excuse to sit down and not get a thing done all the while enjoying the contentment and cuddles of a gorgeous baby. I find it funny how quickly my almost three year old has figured out that when Suzie is rocking the baby he can get away with more because it is harder for her to get up and stop him. Kids are SO SMART.

3. Soccer girl LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her new job and couldn't be happier. I finally let Miss Priss get contact lenses and she is thrilled. She looks even older now that she is not wearing glasses. Mighty Mouth got picked for ALL STARS in softball and she is having a great time with three of the other neighborhood girls who got picked as well. (Miss Priss was to old to play for this team) Should be exciting as the coaches think this combined team has the opportunity to go really far. I'll keep you posted........

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