Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Reflection on me...

I don't know if you have been following the story of the two Gainesville teenagers who went on a racist rant on You Tube but I caught the story this morning. It was really hard to watch. What I found most difficult was the fact that they carried on and carried on and really felt that everything they were saying was legitimate and true. These young girls were even quoting statistics as if they had looked them up and could back everything they were saying. Now they are paying dearly for their ignorance and I am sure have learned a very hard life lesson. This is one of those events that will be life changing and unfortunately forever haunt them. But as time does with most things I am hopeful that it will take care of this and these young girl's will go on to live happy, healthy, productive lives.

As I watched the You Tube video my mind kept going back to the parents of these girl's and how horrified they must of been when they discovered what their girl's had done. How embarrassed and while I am sure they were furious with their daughter's, they were also probably filled with sorrow at the thought of how hard it would be for these girl's to get past this and all the outrage they had caused. Now it seems that their lives are being threatened and their parents fear for their safety. How horrible as a parent to go through something like this.

I thought of my own daughters. I thought about how I continually stress to them that everything they do is a reflection on their father and I. As unfair as this may be it is true. Whenever something like this happens the first thought people have is "Where are their parents?" or "What kind of parents are raising these kids?"

I will share this story with my girls, I will stress again how important it is that we all live with empathy, respect, and tolerance. I will remind them that everything they email, tweet, text, or You Tube is forever and you can't take it back. I will tell them again that EVERYTHING they do is a reflection on me so please remember to THINK before you act......ALWAYS......

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