Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So proud of my girl....

Okay, so since this is my blog I am allowed to brag right??? I can't help myself because I am so proud of Mighty Mouth. Her teacher emailed me this morning (the plus of babysitting her teacher's son LOL) and told me that she got straight A's on her report card. I am so thrilled for her because this is such an accomplishment for her. She has always, ALWAYS struggled with school and it has never come easy for her. Her sisters have always done well and never had to really work at it. (Soccer Girl would disagree with me now, because I must admit since she has gotten to high school and taken all these advance placement classes it is harder for her now) But Mighty Mouth has always worked so hard and I am so THRILLED that it has finally paid off for her. YOU GO GIRL!!!! MOMMY LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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