Tuesday, May 19, 2009

End of Year Puppet Show

Mighty Mouth had her end of year puppet show today. They have a morning one (for the students) and an evening one (for the parents). I am going to both because it is fun to take my little one's , plus it is always fun for them to see Mommy and in the case of my 4 year old Daddy too (both his parents teach at the school) at work. It was adorable and I love to watch the faces of the kids. They are so serious as they do their parts and sing in the chorus. The frustrating part at this age is taking Mighty Mouth's picture. She is at the "avoiding age". I have what I like to call "picture taking stages".

Infant to 2yrs. Won't hold still, won't smile when you want them too. Screams bloody murder when you take them to professional photographer if the photpgrapher even looks at them.
2 to 7. Best time ever to take photos and I bet if you look back you have tons of pictures of your kids at these ages. At this age they are complete hams and loved to be photographed.

8 to 11yrs. Mom is dumb and embarrassing and I don't want my picture taken. I will not look at camera, I will hide behind friends, I will act like I don't see her. I will deliberately close my eyes so picture does not turn out.

12 to 18yrs. I will try to make sure my hair is always done and I am smiling. I will pretend to act like I don't want my picture taken but I really do because it might be a really good one and I can put it on my MY SPACE page. I will try to position myself so my best side is showing without being obvious. I will take the craziest most ridiculous pictures doing the stupidest things with my friends. These pictures will take up entire memory cards and huge amounts of space on family computer hard drive. When Mom asks "can I please delete these ridiculous pictures " I will pout and say "No Mom please I love those pictures".

There you have it folks the picture taking stages of childhood........

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