Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Well, the weekend is almost here and I am READY....The girls keep asking us "what are we doing this weekend"? (do those quotation marks go before the ? mark or after?) We keep saying "we don't really have any plans" WOW, that feels great to say, that let me say it again, "we don't really have any plans". This is driving them crazy especially Soccer Girl. You see normally we would be on our way to a soccer tournament but hooray no more of that. So her words last night were "so Mom, Dad I thought we would be going away for a long weekend or something since we don't have a tournament." Isn't this what you have been waiting for so we could do SOMETHING else besides soccer?"

I'm thinking to myself :

1st: We don't have a tree in the back that is growing money for us to pick to pay for the long weekend in some exotic locale.

2ND: Are you not the same girl who is going to New York in July with your best friend and didn't I just fork over $179.00 for the plane ticket to get you there? (Not to mention spending money and a couple of new outfits)

3rd: Didn't we just spend a week in Orlando vacationing with family?

4Th: Don't we have a week booked at a beach front condo at the end of July for our summer vacation?

Point being (yes, I have a point LOL)

We are so busy so much of the time that if we don't have something going on all the time my kids are bored. How did this happen? Where did I go wrong? I need them to realize that having no plans for a weekend is a great thing. This allows for this fun thing called SPONTANEITY. It allows for another thing called RELAXING. It also allows for the not so fun things like cleaning the family room, dining room, and kitchen floors. ( I am embarrassed to admit that other than spot cleaning they have not been done since my in laws went back to England) It allows for Daddy to replace a heating element in our clothes dryer so that it doesn't take 3 cycles to dry one load of laundry. ( you know that is killing my electric bill)

Maybe, just maybe if they're real lucky we might fit in a beach day and a movie too. (of course that's really for me I am dying to see the new "Terminator" movie.)

Here's hoping you have a fantastic Memorial Day filled with spontaneity, relaxation and not to many household chores..............

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SoccerGirl said...

mother dearest, i made my own blog just so i can comment yours. :) i feel in this blog that you are doing a little soccergirl bashing. even though you insist that you simply thought it was funny. do most people find it hilarioius that their 15 year old daughter is diligently asking if she and her family could possibly DO SOMETHING over a HOLIDAY weekend? Do most people know the cleaning switch that Englishman has on sunday mornings that can easily be turned off if we are anywhere butttt home? i dont think so.