Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Slip and Slides, Mother's Day, & Forever Stamps.

Love my title? It's basically because I am retarded and every time I try to add text to a post with pictures it always wants to mess up my words. I try over and over unsuccessfully to fix this then I give up and just hope you can muddle through. I am sure it is a really easy fix on Blogger that I just can't figure out. So I will just write everything here and you can go back and look at the pictures on the previous post. The girls softball team had a pool party recently and the coaches made this old fashioned slip and slide out of garbage bags and dish soap and a hose. The girls loved it. I remembered doing this when I was kid and loving it too. There was this gorgeous pool in the backyard (don't get me wrong they enjoyed that too) but they were so thrilled with that slip and slide. Made me feel bad that I had never made one for them but then again I am so frugal and cannot even imagine how much water was being used that day not to mention the mud. (I know party poo per) I love the pictures though. Especially, because again I think it reflects their personalities. Mighty Mouth going head first with no care in the world while Miss Priss not wanting to make a fool out of herself goes down daintily if that's even possible? What a great day with lots of team bonding. Mother's Day was wonderful hope yours was too. We followed our tradition and spent the day at the beach with some of my close friends and their families. We have been doing this for four years now. We missed you Tricia it wasn't the same without you but I know you had a great time at Disney. The water was crystal clear which is always a plus because as much as I LOVE the beach I am also a little chicken when I can't see the bottom and have been known to squeal like a little kid if something touches me. I even swam out to the sand bar with the kids something I NEVER do because there is just to much opportunity for a big shark to come eat me while I am in between where I can touch and the sand bar. There was a gorgeous breeze so it wasn't to hot and it was just a perfect day spent with family and friends. One last thing I wanted to mention just because I feel silly that I never knew this. As I am sure you know the post office just raised their rates for postage stamps and at first I was so mad at myself for not paying attention to this because of course I just bought a book of stamps on Saturday. I was all mad because I thought I would have to make a trip to the post office (I always buy my stamps at the grocery store) for 2 cent stamps. I am so glad I realized before I did this that I had bought "forever stamps" not on purpose of course but these are the one's the grocery store sells. So I was good Yay!!!! But now I ask you, if they are the same price as regular stamps why would you buy anything else? Why does the post office even sell anything else? It just seems crazy to me, did I miss something again? Please let me know.........

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