Monday, March 1, 2010

Walk/Run in first 5K race.....CHECK!!!!

Saturday was Fantastic!!!! Well, it was pouring down rain and extremely cold for Florida but I did it. I was really nervous and intimidated and not sure how it was going to go. (So much so that I almost bailed and didn't do it until my best friend knocked some sense into me) My time sucked, mostly because I just wasn't focused on my time and also because I walked most of it except the very last bit. (you know I had to RUN over that FINISH line) I will definitly do a 5k again and next time I will be running the whole thing.

The picture of Tricia and I was taken right before the race (obviously before the rain when my hair still looked decent). I will post pictures taken after the race when I get them. I didn't have my camera so we had a race photographer take our picture. You have to know my best friend to know that I will have several pictures from after because she instructed the guy on how many and what poses we wanted. LOL

The first picture is the front windows of my friends and neighbors house. Wasn't that so sweet. That is what I saw when I turned down my street. My neighbor is a marathon runner and ran the 1/2 marathon the next day but still he and his wonderful wife made it all about me on Saturday. They are the best!!!!

Happy Birthday to my Mom who celebrated 61 yesterday!!! I love you Mom!!

Congratulations to my best friend Tricia who RAN THE WHOLE 5K on Saturday. I am SO PROUD of you... I love you!!!!


LM said...

WHOOHOO!!!! I wondered about the windows lol. I just did my first 5K too!! Let me know when you do another, maybe we can go together!!


elizabeth said...

You are amazing! I keep telling myself that I am going to do one someday....and you did it!!!!!!!