Friday, November 5, 2010

10 Updates Hopefully.....

1. I had my surgery yesterday and it went well. I was in and out in no time and I am feeling great. Did I mention I LOVE my Dr.

2. Soccer Girl got her acceptance letter to USF and we were pretty excited. Of course she really wants to go to UCF and she should be hearing from them soon but now we have a back up plan.

3. Our Halloween was a lot of fun I will post pictures but on a separate post (yes, I still haven't mastered text and photos and I just don't want to mess with it today.

4. Cool weather has arrived in Florida for the weekend anyway and we are all excited. My Aunt and Uncle are visiting so we will be spending some time with them this weekend.

5. We booked our spring break vacation and are heading to Myrtle Beach. We've never been before but have heard wonderful things. Can't wait....

6. Still going strong on Weight Watchers and really liking it, although I will admit this is my 5th week and for some reason it was the hardest. I've learned that the key to this is planning and this week was so crazy busy it was really hard to be prepared. However, I've also learned that it's OK you just have to keep going and plan better next week.

7. My Grandmother arrived from Michigan on Halloween night for her six months in Florida (she does the six and six thing ) She's such a trooper she went with me to Walmart on Wednesday with three kids and I couldn't have done it without her. I love to get my grocery shopping done during the week days but with three little guys all day it's next to impossible so having her help me was awesome. Thanks Grandma...

8. My BFF just got offered a great job making more money than the one she is getting laid off from next month and I'm so proud of her they are very lucky to get her. YOU GO GIRL!!!

9. Might Mouth and Miss Priss are going on a field trip to our local Folk Fair that comes once a year here. I think it is kind of cool because I remember taking field trips to this same FolK Fair when I was a kid.

10. Wow, I got to ten but actually don't really have anymore news. So have a fantastic weekend!!

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