Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So far today I have:

1. Been rudely awakened by the clinging and clanging of glass bottles as my husband emptied the indoor recycling into the outdoor bin. (this was due to the fact that we kept the bathroom window open last night, note to self: don't do that again on a Tuesday night)

2. Listened to husband gag and carry on RIDICULOUSLY because he got dog poo on his shoe as he was taking out trash and emptying recycle bins. (the Englishman has the worst gag reflex and weakest stomach ever, he is very dramatic and carries on forever when dealing with gross things)

3. Managed to get two younger daughters off to school without a single fight. (this folks entitles me to Mother of the year award)

4. Took shower (even shaved my legs), got dressed and got makeup and hair done, made bed, cleaned kitchen, washed poo tennis shoes, did one load of laundry, have chicken baking in the oven for casserole tonight.

5. Dealt with a almost one year old who recently learned how to throw temper tantrums and proceeded to throw a good one because I did not make her bottle fast enough.

6. Had a 20 minute negotiation with a whining 3 year old who couldn't understand why he couldn't have both playhouse dolls and both little cars even though there are TWO little boys who want to play with them. You see it was INCREDIBLY important that the Mama doll have the daughter doll as her passenger. Said three year old is so smart that he even explained to me that little girl doll couldn't drive anyway because she wasn't old enough, to which I had to explain that 2 year old boy doesn't know this so he doesn't care he just wants a doll for his car too. (whew did you get all that?)

7. Getting ready to load three kids into van for story time at the library and I am already exhausted and it is only 9:45am.

How is your day going????

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