Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday, Monday, Monday

Whew, what a weekend we had, three softball games, one birthday party, and one wedding.  Isn't it always an all or nothing thing.  Weekends are either jammed packed or you have nothing going on. (oh yes, I do love those boring weekends)   It was fun though, I fell a little more in love with my hubby this weekend for two reasons.

1. We babysat over night the little one year old that I watch.  She slept in a port a crib at the foot of our bed.  Early Saturday morning we could hear her sweet cooing sleeping sounds and my  husband looked over at me and said "Man I love those noises, I forgot how sweet they are."  "Makes me miss the days when ours were babies"   Oh yes, that man is a softie and I love it!!

2, He is also very sentimental when we attend weddings and as we danced our one customary slow dance that he always treats me to at a wedding (he hates to dance but always gives in for one slow dance) he looked in my eyes smiled at me and said "our life is really good."   Yup, I think I am going to keep him.

McKenlee's All-Star season is officially over so we have a short break from softball until October so she can concentrate 100% on swimming.  Makes for less driving for me too.  Yay!!  They won one of three games this weekend and managed to place second in the division so we were happy.  She had a great weekend too she played some of the best softball (remember swimming is her sport lol) she has ever played and we were very proud of her.

Roll on next weekend where we have yet another Birthday party and are one week closer to vacation!  Yay!

Shout out to my best friend Tricia and her daughter Marissa,  Happy Birthday we love you!!! (Isn't that so cool her daughter was born on her birthday.)

Also, Happy 57th Wedding Anniversary to my wonderful in laws (can you imagine lol ) we love and miss you and hope to see you soon.  (hint, hint)

Also, please visit my dear sweet friend at Mama's Mumbo Jumbo.  I know you will love her blog as much as I do.

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Mama's Mumbo Jumbo said...

Thought I commented last night when I read this post, but somehow... well, I didn't. Thanks so much for the "shout out!":)