Sunday, July 22, 2012

Winter in July

We went to an ice skating B-Day party on Saturday.  It was for one of my little guys who is in school now.
Natalie and McKenlee were excited about ice skating Dave and I were excited about watching. LOL
It was really cool because after the party they take the ice/snow that is cleaned off the rink by the Zamboni and dump it in a big pile out back for the kids to play with and have snow ball fights with.  For Florida kids who never see or play in snow this is a huge deal.  My girls were the oldest one's there so they enjoyed helping the little one's on the ice.  Don't let them fool you they were just as excited as the little kids when it came to playing in the snow.  Even the BIG kid who shall remained un named couldn't make those snow balls fast enough to throw at his daughters.  It was a lot of fun watching those kids play in the snow.

Warming their hands we forgot gloves.

Natalie helping a little one.

McKenlee with another of my little one's who is in school now.

Favorite picture, McKenlee getting ready to launch one at her Dad.

The BIG kid making his snow ball.

The kids were in heaven climbing on and playing with the snow.

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The Carters said...

What fun!!! My boys had never seen snow until we moved to Minnesota :)