Sunday, July 1, 2012

Where's the Beach???

Last week after the rained stopped the girls and I wanted to to see how the beaches fared after tropical storm Debby. So we took a little drive to check it out. Well, the beach was gone. (temporarily)The water had come up almost to the parking lot, it was something to see. The surf was crazy high (for us anyway we live on the gulf side so we don't see much surf action) and the wind was whipping away as evidenced by cousin Ashley's hair (we were calling her cousin IT in these pictures lol). After our little sight seeing venture we headed to McDonald's for some nuggets, fries and ice cream by the water. Made me anxious for the end of this month when we spend a week out at the beach hopefully sans tropical storms. :)
There were actually people to the right of the girl's body surfing.  For me that is just asking for trouble.

The girls are standing where there is usually sand and sunbather's

The wind damaged the dock behind us too.

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