Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Florida Flooding

We have had all kinds of rain thank you very much Debby.  Luckily our home has not flooded but I cannot say the same for our streets.  Sunday afternoon after returning from a bridal shower I could not make it home and had to park at my Mom's.  Dave had to pick me up in his truck which is commercial size.  I was finally able to get my car by noon the next day.  The picture below is our neighbor Matt.  He is in the middle of the road in front of our house.  Apparently, while I was at the shower my kids were also playing in the street with their boogie boards.  They have promised me that they did not go under water and showered immediately afterwards. (Dave confirmed the shower part) They know what a germ freak their Mother is.  Happy to report that while the winds are still very strong and closed several of our bridges the rains have calmed down and things are drying out a bit.  Until next time, welcome to hurricane season.  Gotta love Florida.

Relaxing in the pool, um street.

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