Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Lifeguard Life

Recently as a result of my daughter Sydnee's awesome job as a lifeguard she has gotten to experience some pretty cool things. First of all she was able to participate in a training day with the U.S Coast Guard and had a fantastic time. They swam out until they were in 15 feet of water and then had to perform tasks all while under the chopper and dealing with the crazy water and wind that the chopper creates. Of course, she thought the best part was the super HOT Coastie guys who did the train with them.
At the beach with the Coast Guard chopper flying in the background.

She gets to experience all kinds of great wildlife at Fort Desoto Park. Here she is with the resident Raccoon "Boo".
I guess Raccoon's really like Cat Food

Here she is helping the local Sea Turtle Rescue group mark the nests of Sea Turtles. She will also be volunteering when they hatch to help them make it to the ocean. As many of them get confused and need a little direction.
She loves this part of her job.

Such a lucky girl!!!!

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