Friday, June 22, 2012

1st Swim Meet of the Summer

McKenlee had her first swim meet of the season last night. She did really well, I have always said that swimming is her sport. She is built like a swimmer, really tall and all arms and legs. I love watching her in the water it is the one place that she is really graceful. (McKenlee if you are reading this I mean that as a TOTAL compliment) She took first in every event except breast where she came in second and it was close.

 My cousin's daughter is visiting from Michigan and she came with me to cheer McKenlee on. It was a beautiful evening,  on and off rainy which kept the heat away and a storm that kept trying to do something gave us a beautiful breeze.

 My favorite part was how every time McKenlee got in the water (they don't use the blocks at this pool) she would look over to make sure I saw her and I would give her the thumbs up sign. It melted my heart, my grown up girl still wants to know her Mom is watching.
McKenlee and Ashley before her first event.

Kickin butt in the backstroke.

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The Carters said...

Swimming is such a great sport!